Buff Limestone Outcroppings Oshkosh WI., Landscaping and Building Stone

Buff limestone outcroppings Oshkosh 54901 WI

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Frens Stone is a family owned and operated business for the last 23 years. With our most recent quarry located in Waupun, WI., just west of Hwy 151. Since our inception we have been working hard to ensure that we can offer the best quality limestone at the very best prices. Because of this, we would like to share what we have to offer with folks in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Get What You’ve been Looking For

As an Oshkosh limestone supplier we try hard to keep our clients happy and knowledgeable with what our limestone quarry has to offer. This quarry makes it easy for us to keep up with your biggest demands. Furthermore we would like you to rest easy knowing that we will always have the limestone you need and have it in the colors you want.

We take great pride in being the limestone supply company that you can always rely on to handle landscaping and building jobs of every size and scope. In addition, we will always make every effort to ensure the stone is available for you on a timely basis. We can handle all your Oshkosh limestone needs, from big commercial projects to small backyard jobs.

Beautiful All Natural Stone Products

As one of the favored all natural stone suppliers to the Midwest, we provide limestone and limestone products such as buff limestone outcroppings, and a nice variety of much wanted stone for all areas of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

These natural limestone products are perfect for all types of landscaping and building applications. We have 5″ – 7″ steps, random outcroppings, thick or thin drywall, with various heights available along with snapped outcroppings. Buff limestone outcroppings Oshkosh.

The quarry provides you a variety of stone to choose from with colors of Buff, Grey, and Tan limestone, Wisconsin limestone, flag stone, Waupun stone, weathered edge outcroppings, snapped steps, irregular snapped bedface and much more. Plus, our cut stone is always consistent and uniform, the way you like it.

Always Friendly Customer Service

Frens Stone has maintained a track record of continuously being able to get customers the best limestone products. Moreover we take pride in being able to handle all of your landscaping and building stone requirements. With this in mind we would sincerely like to share our efforts with you in Oshkosh Wisconsin and are looking forward to being the limestone supplier to manage all of you and your customers needs.

Above all, we have a very positive approach to our work. We like to listen to our customers to learn about their specific needs and are widely known for our customer service and enjoy continued relationships with many of our repeat clients.

We love to hear your plans and would like to show you how we might be of help to improve the look of your home, business  or work with you on commercial projects with our wide variety of Building and landscaping stone products.

Call or come in to talk to us about any of the following:

  • Buff limestone
  • Wisconsin limestone
  • Flag stone
  • Niagara Dolomite
  • Weathered Edge Outcroppings Snapped Steps
  • Irregular Snapped Bedface
  • Buff Limestone outcroppings Oshkosh
  • Retaining wall limestone
  • Natural steps
  • Waupun limestone
  • And More!!!

snapped stone steps Oshkosh WI 54901Splitting always available for snap steps and dry wall or custom orders!

From 1995, folks have come to trust Frens Stone for quality all natural stone products


We offer natural stone products for landscape and building applications:

buff limestone Oshkosh WI, 54901, 54902, 54904 Landscape:
Random Outcroppings
Thick or Thin Dry wall, various heights available
Snapped Outcroppings



Irregular Snapped Bedface Oshkosh WI 54901Building:
Building stone specifications, call for details

A variety of colors: Buff, Tan, Grey

Wisconsin Rustic ~create the “old country” atmosphere with Frens Stone

Waupun Stone

Large quantities always available !

Whether it’s a building project or landscape application, Frens Stone has the quality limestone and experience you want  to provide you the products and service people throughout the Midwest have come to rely on. What’s more, we’ll be able to match color of your stone jobs for years from now. So why not take advantage of our friendly service. Call us today to get in on the best limestone products available in Oshkosh WI!